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Kuu Light

kuu (genitive kuupartitive kuud)

  1. moon

We are delighted with our brand new Kuu Light, a charming crescent moon friend that is ready to shine with the softest and warmest of lights.

This LED light has been made with teal blue organic linen and FSC certified wood. It has also been hand-stitched and its interior hand-painted with water-based, non toxic chalk paint.


21 cm x 14 cm | 8 in x 5 in
Warm LED long life light. 30,000 hours.
Inline switch. Cable 140 cm / 55 in
USB plug and 3 pin UK plug.
For buyers outside of the UK simply replace plug with one suitable for your region using the USB connector. Alternatively, use an adaptor. Suitable for WORLDWIDE voltages ranging from 110V – 230V.

Our lights are different to the plastic, mass-produced alternatives in the market. House of Clouds is proud to offer durable, ethical goods.



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