• Dark blue print with Buenas Noches written on it. The letters are colourful and capitals.

Buenas Noches Glicée Print


Catch a dream, good night!


Buenas Noches Glicée Print

Buenas Noches Glicée Print featuring a colourful typographic design.

Printed on natural soft textured bright white paper, weight 315gsm.

All prints are signed and numbered making it a limited edition of 8 copies.

Frame not included.

Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm

Have a look at its sister Buenos Dias pink glicée print here.

Glicée prints render deep, saturated colours and have an exceptional quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends. All inks are water-based and the paper is archival and acid-free.

I proudly support all initiatives that take us away from the unnecessary use of plastic. All my prints are wrapped in kraft paper and packed flat with a protective backing board and envelope.


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